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Vanessa Turi’s monochromatic monster brigade beg to be received in the same spirit they are conceived; with openess to a playful plasticity and an eagerness to engage with the contradiction and claustrophobia of boundless energy contained in finite space.  Assertive but unpretentious, some of her humanoids feel viral, eating negative space with an irascible, adolescent demand for immediate acknowledgement while others are plucky playthings who just really need to be let out to pee.  Campy and conversational, each creature's individual dynamism is tailored to play sidekick to a different viewers fancy like the fairy tale ending to some fever dream visit to a cubist, cartoon dog pound.  Cheekily contradictory, they are who they are and they’re cool with you being you.  So long as you play nice, they’ll play nice too.     

- M.A.H.